Little Cities of Black Diamonds


The Little Cities of Black Diamonds region has a rich regional history, and played an important part in national history.  The main mission of LCBD over the years has been to collect, archive, and share this history.  This mission has been funded primarily through donations.

Latest History Articles

Little Cities in National History

Three Stories of National Significance

How the Little Cities of Black Diamonds Region played a role in national stories of labor, conservation, and immigration.  Learn More.

Regional History

Mining and the Labor Movement

Mining and Labor are a major part of the history of the Little Cities.  Learn More.


The LCBD microregion is located in the heart of the vibrant and beautiful Wayne National Forest. However, the region has not always appeared this way.  Learn more!


Moonshing has been a major part of the Little Cities Economy for over 100 years. Learn More.

Researching and Preserving Our History

The Miner's Registry

The Miners of Little Cities Registry is an attempt to gather the names of all people in the Little Cities area who have worked in coal mines. We now have over 8,000 names.  View the Registry

The Little Cities Archive

Little Cities of Black Diamonds has been collecting and preserving historical artifacts, biographies, books, media, documents, and photos for 25 years.  Search Archive

Ask an Historian!

Have a question about Little Cities History?  Ask one of our historians.

LCBD Fundraising Goals

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