The Tecumseh Theater: Renovation and Restoration

The Tecumseh Theater: Renovation and Restoration The Tecumseh Theater was recently renovated and restored as the original Improved Order of Red Men Hall. Three stories, the hall was a cultural center for Shawnee from its inception. Grant Joy talks to history-geographer, Tyler McDaniel about this story, on though to the current state of repair, as […]

The Decline of Coal in the Little Cities

The Decline of Coal In the Little Cities Learn about the changes that impacted our region in the 1920s, when coal mines opened and created boom towns like New Straitsville in this short documentary made for Little Cities Fest 2021. The labor history comes from this southern Perry County town. Cheryl Blosser relays this story, […]

Researching the 1920’s in the Little Cities

Coal miners in mine

   The decade of the 1920s was a tumultuous one for the Little Cities Region in many ways, and it will be the focus of our Little Cities of Black Diamonds Festival this year. As the decade arrived, World War I had just concluded and the mines of our region were still active at a steady […]