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The Mission of LCBD is to keep alive the past stories and traditions of the Little Cities of Black Diamonds Region and through our history, culture and environment help enrich the future quality of life in the region.

Little Cities of Black Diamonds Fest 2020

A Virtual History Festival

This year for Little Cities of Black Diamonds Fest, which we held back in October, we provided free history content on the Little Cities of black diamonds. We took a look at the 1920’s, focusing on a different topic each day, including bootlegging, women’s suffrage, coal and labor, race and racism, and music of the period. We invite you explore our content!

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Having an organization  that is dedicated to sharing and preserving the rich stories that exist within the hills of the Hocking Valley is vital to enriching the fabric of the Hocking Valley community. LCBD history instills a greater civic pride, and cultivates a deeper sense of place for those who call southeast Ohio home.

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