Little Cities of Black Diamonds

McCuneville, Ohio

McCuneville, Ohio

McCuneville, Ohio


McCuneville, Ohio

Attending church services. Note Buggies. Ann Davis Ricketts funeral 1909

LC-PH- 32

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  1. hi there my name is richard and i like this pic that my home town just older. do u have any other pics of mccunevill

  2. This photo shows the funeral of Ann Davis Ricketts wife of Benjamin Ricketts. They lived on Stone Church Hollow Road. Benjamin was the son of Daniel W. Ricketts who was an early pioneer in the area. He was a methodist minister and is responsible for starting this church as well as the Methodist churches in Shawnee and New Straitsville. This church was closed in 1964 and torn down. The first house at the bottom of the photo was once the home of Frank and Gertrude Jaynes Dishon. The white building in the back is the school building. Note the 2 story business building to the left. All of these structures in this photo have been torn down. Also note the horse drawn hearse to the right of the church.

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