Little Cities of Black Diamonds

Kehota Mine Tipple, McCunevill

Kehota Mine Tipple, McCunevill

Kehota Mine Tipple, McCunevill


Kehota Mine Tipple, McCuneville

LC-PH- 41

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  1. The Kehota mine operated during the WW I period of 1917-1919 and for several years thereafter. It was located in Dixie Hollow on the opposite side of the hollow from Dixie road. The concrete foundations for this tipple are still in existence or at least they were a few years ago. The powder magazine where the black powder was stored is also still in existence. From the open end it looks like a road culvert. The strip mining operation created what was called Big Pit and Little Pit. In a time before swimming pools Big Pit was used by the locals as a place to swim.

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